In the age of data overflow and overload, how you use data will give you a competitive edge. In order to use data and better understand it, data visualization tools have become more popular than ever. Data visualization and viz tools are the most used and searched words on the web. We use and gather data on daily basis, but the key is how this data is used and more importantly portrayed. There is no better way that to convey data than visually. This is exactly what viz tools do.

With the rise of data visualization and tools, I have decided to round up some of the most interesting and useful techniques that will help you make the data tell story.

Drive My Data is categorized basically in 2 categories:

Blog: This part will provide some techniques, tips and tricks while developing a business dashboard, designs, various do`s and don`ts of a successful visualization, etc. I hope you will like the content.

Tableau: Here, I will share some  day to day scenarios that I come through while making a dashboard in Tableau and how I tackled them.